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The Staff of PIA
The academic staff (in alphabetical order):
The CEO of PIA is Jake Karlyle.

Marcus Bussey

Marcus Bussey
Marcus Bussey has been teaching for over twenty years. His central concern over that time has been the development of neohumanist futures pedagogy that merges the practice of teaching with educational administration, family and community. He has taught in a wide variety of contexts and has engaged all ages from early childhood to university. He began writing and talking about his experiences ten years ago. He currently teaches at the University of the Sunshine Coast, is curriculum advisor to Alcheringa Montessori College, is on the board of the Queensland Suzuki Music Teachers Association and is curriculum coordinator for The Prout Institute of Australia (PIA).

Bussey has written more than 50 journal articles, book chapters, encyclopedia entries and magazine essays. Recent publications include Futures Thinking for Social Foresight by Richard Slaughter with Marcus Bussey (2005) and Neohumanist Educational Futures: Liberating the Pedagogical Intellect, edited by Inayatullah, S., Bussey, M., and Milojevic, I., (2006). Marcus can be contacted at
Articles by Marcus Bussey:

Michael Towsey
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Dr. Michael Towsey is currently a Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. His Ph.D. from the University of Queensland was in the field of machine learning. His previous degrees were in Biology and Agriculture.
He has worked at universities and IT companies in New Zealand, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Germany. He has presented papers on the philosophy of P.R. Sarkar to many international conferences. In 2003, he was engaged by the national oil company of Venezuela, PDVSA, to conduct a training seminar on Prout's cooperative economic system and the role it can play in the development of Venezuela.
A student of the philosophical works of P.R. Sarkar for the past 30 years, he has published a number of works in the field of philosophy and economics, including Taxation for Sustainable Communities, Self-reliant Regional Development, A Sociology for the New Age and Eternal Dance of Macrocosm.
Articles and Talks by Michael Towsey:
This talk was given at the Hobart 2005 conference.
"Climate Change, Food and Economics"
This talk was given at the Hobart 2006 conference.

Jake Karlyle - CEO
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Articles by Jake Karlyle:


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