Hobart Conference October 2006

hobart 2006 poster
Organised by Future Tasmania

  • Dr. David Leaman, Geohydrologist & Geophysicist: “Tasmanian Water Issues”
  • Sven Meyer, Project Manager DPIW: "The Tasmanian River Catchment Water Quality Initiative"
  • Bob Loone Deputy Mayor, Meander Valley, “Water: Whose is it?”
  • Robert Belcher, Founding Director, Chairman and Public Officer of SACA: “Managed Investment Schemes and Natural Resource Allocation Implications"
  • Jeremy Rockliff, MP, Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Water and the Environment, “Tasmanian Produce in the Global Marketplace”.
  • Dr. Michael Towsey, Prout Institute of Australia: “Climate Change, Food and Economics
  • Charles Arnold , Mayor, King Island: “Ensuring Sustainable Bio-diversity of Prime Produce from Remote Areas”
  • Richard Bovill: Organiser of the Fair Dinkum Food Campaign: “Who are we Farming for?”
  • Michael Spencer: CEO, Forest Stewardship Council: "Consensus Forestry - the role of the FSC"
  • Lesley Nicklason: Friends of the Blue Tier: “Northeast forests: An Alternative Vision”
  • John Hayward: "The Law of the Forest: A Tasmanian Tragicomedy"
  • Frank Strie: Master Forester, Ecological Forestry Advisor: “Quality Management in our Forests”
  • John Young: Founder, Wooden Boat School: “How to Heal a Fractured Culture: A Future for Tasmania’s Forests?"
  • Pete Godfrey: Ex-sawmill worker: "Forestry behind the gates and into the future."